Main features:
  • Create professional PDF presentations from different themes (resume: 20 themes, cover letter: 5 themes).
  • Store your files in iCloud Drive and access them anytime on all your devices.
  • Upload files to popular web sites via the built-in web browser.
  • List files with dates or as thumbnails.
  • Change thumbnail size with slider control.
  • Show resume themes with horizontal scrolling.
  • Change background, font, text size, text colour etc.
  • Import resume info from LinkedIn and Facebook.
  • Covert files via web sites (PDF to word format).
  • Use tab space and different characters to create good looking bullet lists.
  • Files can be sent by email or printed.
  • Resume headings can be arranged in any order, deleted or renamed.
  • Settings for adaptation to most countries and languages.
  • Photos can be added from album or camera.
  • Help guides and tips on writing resumes and cover letters.
  • Different samples show how professional looking resumes and cover letters can be made.
  • Can create both functional and chronological resumes.

Ultimate Resume has been developed for iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch. The iPad version offers an excellent view of documents and a feature to see layout changes in real time. It also has a built-in web browser with advanced form-filling features.

Other features for Ultimate Resume:
  • Web browser can upload files, save them locally or in the iCloud.
  • The browser can make bookmarks, save page files and show all usable files on your iPhone, iPad or iCloud Drive.
  • Upload files with a special technique or with iOS 9 type upload from iCloud.
  • The web browser has on iPad a form filling feature that uses information from resumes and cover letters to simplify web form filling.
  • Form Filler makes suggestions of of words and sentences. Suggestions come from your resume data files, a custom database and the Google search engine.
  • The database in the web browser stores words and sentences from previously submitted forms. Make your own database with often used words and sentences.
  • Links to different job sites and sites for file conversion (PDF to word etc.).
  • Choose between basic resume (personal details, objective, qualifications, work experience, education) and extended resume (personal details, qualifications, objective, skills, work experience, education, volunteer experience, languages, achievments, interests and activities, references).
  • Copy, delete or rename files.
  • In each theme, you can change font, text size, text colour, heading size, heading colour, background colour and line colour.
  • Open documents in other applications installed.
  • Resumes can be emailed separately or together with letters.
  • Letters can be emailed as files or as text in an email messages.
  • Transfer files via iTunes file sharing.
  • Show optional title text for resume.
  • Extended personal details in resume (date of birth, website, marital status, nationality).
  • Abbreviations can be shown before phone number, mobile phone number, email address, date of birth, website, marital status, nationality.
  • In the cover letter you enter sender, recipient, body text and the optional subject, location and date.
  • The app comes with detailed instructions and help guides. Tips on how to write resumes and cover letters are also included.
  • Three different samples of resumes and cover letters shows examples of professional looking resumes.
  • Copy and paste text between files or other apps.
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